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The hazards of automobile wheel deformation

2021-05-28 11:22:03

Deformation of the wheel hub will cause: vehicle deviation, abnormal turbulence, steering wheel jitter, tire flat, abnormal tire wear, etc., which are related to driving safety hazards.

The deformation of the wheel hub is generally caused by the driving habits of the vehicle owner. For example, when a large deceleration belt is broken and a pothole with a large drop, the wheel is directly stamped without deceleration, causing partial deformation and damage to the wheel hub.

On the other hand, it stems from the car owner’s carelessness. For example, when the vehicle encounters a puncture or a serious shortage of tire pressure during driving, the car owner does not care or replace the tire in time, but continues to drive long and long distances. This can also cause vehicle tires to deform.

Secondly, how do we judge whether the tire rim is deformed?

On the one hand, the degree of deformation is large. When the tire rim is out of round, has a certain degree of distortion, or is slightly sunken, the owner can easily determine that the tire rim has been deformed.

On the other hand, the degree of deformation is not large or the steel ring is deformed by internal measurement. In these situations, we can judge from two points. First, check the pressure of four tires randomly. If a tire is often underpressure, it is very likely to be deformed. Second, it can be judged by driving experience, for example, driving on a well-paved, clean, sand-free road, to feel whether the vehicle has unusual beating, if there is, the steel ring is already deformed . If you still can't feel it, you can go to our factory for tire dynamic balance, and you can quickly understand whether the balance of the tire and steel rim is unevenly worn or deformed.