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The hub is bent, deformed... how to repair it?

2021-05-28 11:22:03

When the car is hit by a strong collision or hits a hard object, it is easy to cause bending and deformation of the aluminum alloy wheel rim of the car. For such severe damage, as long as it does not damage the structure of the aluminum alloy wheel, it needs to be rectified by professional repair equipment and special techniques.
Deformation hazard of Tianjin wheel hub

The wheel hub is also called the steel rim. It is the central cylindrical part of the wheel that goes out of the tire. It is an important part that supports the entire car and ensures that the car can guarantee driving.
Once the wheel hub is deformed, the hazard to the car is relatively great. The deformation of the wheel hub may cause the car to shake during driving, or shake when driving at high speed. There may also be slow air leakage from the wheels. Once such a situation occurs, it must be detected in a timely manner and professional repair and reshaping should be carried out for the problems that occur.

Causes of Hub Deformation

The deformation of the ring hub is a common situation of damage to the hub. The cause of the deformation is usually accidentally hitting the wall or railing during driving, or it may be a stone that should not be avoided, and the vehicle hits a hard object during high-speed driving. It is very likely to hit the hub to deform.
Wheel deformation repair

Professional repair personnel conduct rigorous tests to determine the degree of deformation, and check the support bars on the testing equipment. If the support bars are deformed, then there is no need to repair the wheel hub, because the support bars support the entire body, even if it is barely repaired, There are also hidden dangers. If the support bar is not deformed, it can be repaired regardless of the deformation of the Haihuasi edge on the inner side of the wheel hub.